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Helping you connect with a real time database

The most important part of creating a great network is building something that continues to grow and evolve. One of the driving forces behind the Career Network Club will be the "plus 1" commitment.  Each month every member is encouraged to bring a new member so that we grow and evolve.  Also remember that the secret is not in who you meet but in being so darn compelling that people leave wanting to tell others about you.  At the Career Network Club we are going to give you a number of tools to make a connection with others.  Aside from several face to face opportunities the most valuable online tool is our powerful directory search that gives each member over 120 different ways to search the Career Network Club member database. You can search by interest, skill, language, location and many other different criteria.  However what's truly impressive is the database is built right into the website so if there are other ways you wish to analyze our member base just let us know and if it makes sense to our community we can implement the changes that very same day.


To open the lines of communication while streamlining who hears the message we have built exclusive member forums based on specialty and interests.  For almost every forum there is a public version that any member can join if they choose and a private forum that is only open to qualified members.  This means if you are a sales professional you can be assured of a private area where only sales professionals can reach and also a public area where others who want to talk to sales professionals can also join.  The private dedicated forums will be SPAM free.  


Connect Members can use the online tools to connect and engage with other Career Network Club members.  Connect members xan view the Career Network Club member directory to find great networking connections or access the forums to participate in discussions with others.

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