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Our extensive directory offers a wide array of options on how to search for the perfect contact or member. We have 2 separate directories for Public (non-members) and CNC Members. Each of this directory has its own search engine to filter out the best possible answer for your query.

Public Directory
This directory is for non-paying members who wants to look for a job or a candidate for a specific field. It will display several fields of search option.

1. Click on Directory on the menu bar

2. On the page you will see 2 options; Public Directory and Members Directory.

Basically, if you are a non-paying member you will only be able to access the Public Directory. Members can access both directories in which the Members Directory will allow you so do an Advanced Search as well as be able to view the full profile of each paying member as long as they have set their profiles to be viewed by other members.

3. This is the Public Directory view.

Since it is open to anyone, the Public Directory limits the information being displayed as to secure the profile of the members to be only shown to other paying members. If you wish to see other members full profile you can register or join us here.

4. This is the Members Directory where you can do an Advanced Search in our extensive members database to look for the perfect job or candidate.

Every result displays the Name, Company, Industry, Location and Career Profile. Each result differs as each member can control which field they will allow to display.

5. Every paying member also has the ability to send messages to other paying members in the database by default. Click on the members profile and a Send Message button is displayed beside the members name.

Click the Send Message button to send a message to the contact you wish to communicate with.

Sending a message is nowhere different from sending an email. Subject, Message, Sender's name and reply email are the required information should you wish to contact a member using the CNC Messaging platform.

6. Membership level is also displayed on the Member Profile Details on each member profile.

7. Each members personal information is displayed in every profile. They can choose whether or not display everything or filter the information displayed on their profile.

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