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How to Register to Career Network Club

1. Once you click the Join at the menu bar, you will be sent to the register page. 

On the right of the page are the membership options you can choose, Basic Online Membership (Monthly), Basic Online Membership (Annual), Online and Meeting Membership (Monthly), Online and Meeting Membership (Annual), Career Search Membership (Monthly) or Recruiters. Each membership level displays the corresponding amount.

*After selecting your desired membership level, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Next.

2. You will be asked for your email and to enter a security key (Captcha) before you can proceed to the next page. Once done, just click on Next.

3. Enter your first, last name and phone number. If you were given a Referral ID by your colleague or friend who is also a member of CNC, enter it as well. Once you are registered you will also have your own Referral ID to give out.

*You may skip uploading your Profile Picture for now and do it later once you're signed up. If you have your picture ready, you can upload it now.

4. There are some Personal Information that we need but will not be shown to public. You may also set the information you wish to display in public in your Profile Privacy Settings.

5. Select a Preferred Meeting Location. This is a public information for other members to easily know where your most comfortable meeting place.

6. Should you wish to go under a Personal Coaching you have options for Add-on Services.

7. Before you go to the next page you will be asked for the Industry you belong to and your Title/Position.

8. Review your selected Membership Level and the Add-on Services before you continue and Confirm. Once you're done, click the Next button to proceed.

9. At this point, you will be inside your Profile Page but you will not be allowed to go anywhere unless you settle the transaction stated on this page.

After clicking the button Pay Recurring Invoice you will be shown the details of this transaction.

10. When you click on Pay Online button you will be brought to the Paypal Checkout page to settle the transaction. If you have your Paypal account just login and pay the invoice and if not, Paypal offers Express Checkout to settle the transaction.

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