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 Are You Speaking To Your Results?

Those executives who land quickly know it’s not what you did that matters but the results of your efforts so always focus on return on investment (rOI). Whether you are selling, leading a team, re-purposing a brand or re-inventing a business process it means nothing if the work doesn’t lead to a tangible positive result (i.e. faster, cheaper, more efficient or more profitable). If you don’t have “real” numbers that you can share, then use something that offers a fair representation of your success. It’s also wise to give context, as in a before and after scenario that underlines the challenges you faced and the unique success strategy you applied. remember you are dealing with the employer’s perspective of the market which may be much different than yours. Offering an industry comparison such as, “In a declining market or an industry that typically grows X% we grew XX%,” will often tell them more about your success than simply stating, “We grew XX%.” If you make your actions sound too simple your examples won’t be exciting, respected or appreciated. the more dramatic you can make it, the more perceived value you appear to have added. ensure your results are clear and deliver them early in your discussions because results are the hooks that help you stand out. You should never assume others will know how difficult your achievements were so find a way to underscore your efforts without sounding too egotistical.

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