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Do you Look and Act the Part?

      Let’s face it, if you’re going to be a successful executive again you better continue to act and perform like one, especially in transition! Marketing professionals better market themselves like they would their next great product. Sales professionals better demonstrate their features and benefits quicker and clearer than the next candidate. Project leaders better show they are managing their time, resources and back-to-work plan effectively. Human resource professionals better master the interview process to prove that not only can they pick winners… but they are winners themselves! Finally, senior executives better be brilliant at opening more doors, making tough introduction calls and hosting high performance information meetings. How you manage your career search is indicative of how you will approach their business. Double check all of your correspondence, especially your grammar, to ensure it fits the role you are seeking. Make sure your dress code is always indicative of a senior professional and that the manner in which you speak reflects executive-level discourse. Sift through everything you do and satisfy yourself that everything is an accurate representation of who you are. this includes business cards, your resume and any other executive documents you may leave behind. Finally, don’t forget to look at your education, affiliations and hobbies; lose anything that doesn’t present you as a professional and proven executive.

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