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How Can You Give Them An "After Photo"?

     Executives who do a great job of painting a brilliant picture of the company’s future with them in it will receive more job offers. employers are looking to solve their business problems and they want to do it fast, efficiently and with limited hassles. Make sure you take the time to really understand the employer’s business and talk as though you are the consultant who is there to solve their problems. When answering questions always demonstrate the application of your skills and how they will apply in this opportunity. Create diagrams either in advance or in the meeting that makes it easy to understand your thoughts. never underestimate the power of drafting a concept before their eyes because no one else will do that and it shows undeniable depth of expertise. Simply stated, “employers need to clearly see how their lives will be different with you in it!” use the word ‘we’ when describing a solution that puts you in the middle of their much-needed resolution. As often as you can draw a parallel to your experience so that they know you have “been there and done that” before. use phrases such as “this situation is much like the challenge I faced at …” this will allow them to make the bridge between their world and yours. In the end it’s all about understanding their business and demonstrating how you can step in and immediately help them to succeed.

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