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Are You Aligned With How Others Perceive You?

       Every executive creates a distinctive first impression that is usually communicated before words are spoken. Whether it’s the way you are dressed, an industry reputation, the manner in which you speak or pure gut instinct, an employer will often make their initial judgment of you quite quickly. to create instantaneous rapport it is important to understand how employers may perceive you, so that you can acknowledge their view and align yourself with it. For example, if you know you come across as friendly or driven acknowledge that in your conversation. Once you have then you can describe any other traits you have. You could say, “I’m sure that during this meeting you’ll notice that …. (describe your most obvious character trait), however most people are surprised to find out I am also … (describe a secondary trait).” For instance, if you are “driven” then you might say “I’m sure that during this meeting you will get a good sense of my drive and desire to take action quickly. However, most people are very surprised at the level of empathy and patience I can also demonstrate when appropriate.” If you start out by implying that you are something they don’t see, you run the risk of creating a disconnection and your ability to be self-aware and truthful may be called into question.

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