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Back-to-Work Date

When's your Back to Work Date?

       Have you ever noticed how you can struggle to pay bills that have no due date? For most people it’s because it’s so easy to make other choices when there is no deadline attached. Success in your transition requires the same disciplined mindset as maintaining great credit. I’m always surprised by the number of executives who say they can’t believe how fast time flies. A back-to-work date ends the surprise, forces you to create a schedule, manage your time, and set priorities so you can make tough career-based decisions. no one likes looking for work because it’s slow, daunting and often humbling. Having a back-to-work date helps to clarify how many people you need to contact, how many meetings you need to arrange and how much time you have for horsing around. Whatever back-to-work date you choose, make sure it is realistic, obtainable and creates the right level of urgency in your search. As a guideline you should plan on being out one month for every ten thousand dollars you make. If possible, set your back-to-work date no later than three quarters of the way into your severance period. If you get back to work sooner, that’s great news! If need be you can always speed up the back-to-work process by doubling your career search activity. to keep yourself inspired write your back-to-work-date where you will see it often and tell others, including yourself, that this is your date and you will hit it!

Curt Ramblings...

Statistics say you should plan on being out one month for every ten thousand you make.  There if you needed a rule of thump you got it!  Now let's get to the truth!  You have the choice to be out as little or long as you choose.  What the stats say is the "industry norm" but you are not the norm, you are something bigger, better and faster than the norm.  If you want to be back to work faster then double your output and think way more strategically then your competitors.  Just know the tools are all there, you have the experience and skill, the only thing missing is your got to have it attitude.

Before you write down your date.  Think about it.  Can you own it?  Will you deliver?  Be inspired an live up to all you dreamt you could be.

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