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Are You Making It Easy For Others To Promote You?

       Part of being successful in your search is making yourself “easy-to-market” by others who want to help you. For instance, when you are networking always be distinctive so people remember who you are, what you do and why they should care. Plan your introduction carefully as you will get more attention and support from others if they find your message interesting and your capabilities are clear. In crowded job markets you need a unique Selling Proposition (uSP)—a concise brand statement (five to ten words) that captures interest, attention and speaks to results. Your career arsenal should also contain a full color one-page resume that acts as an influential marketing career summary. this easy-to-read overview is inviting for career influencers to get to know you without feeling burdened with too much information. You may wish to consider creating an online video profile as this can be a powerful tool that enhances your executive presence. But be forewarned this can do as much harm as good; so put a great deal of thought into your message and how you present it. A robust social media profile is a brilliant calling card that will draw the attention of employers. Consider key words that best represent you and be sure to use them in all of your documentation and online marketing. try searching for your skills online and in social media sites then analyze the top candidate responses. Ask what is it that put their profile on top and do the same for yours.

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