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Are You Being Too Fussy?

  Every executive likes to have choices and the opportunity to work for the “perfect” company but be wary of being too fussy or you might be waiting a long, long time. Sometimes there is a tendency to look at new opportunities with an “I’m better than that” attitude. news alert: Finding your dream job is like looking for diamonds in the sand. In reality, no job is perfect all the time and most jobs come closer to being perfect when you decide to make them so. In short, perfection is in the eyes of the beholder. At the beginning your ego may be riding high aided by your comfortable severance package, so saying “no” is little sweat off your back. But the number of executives who have said they wished they knew then what they know now is astonishing. take every job offer seriously, look at all the angles and seek opinions from those you trust.
   Instead of asking what’s wrong with this opportunity try asking what’s right and see if this nets you a different perspective. Whether you like it or not you are much more marketable when employed. Companies can more easily envision you as a valuable asset when they’re not reminded that another company decided you were expendable. While I rarely recommend accepting an offer if your intention is to keep looking for another position, sometimes it makes sense to do this. We all need to work and now at least you are getting paid for doing your search.

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