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Are You Asking Great Questions?

        One of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise is through the quality of your questions. Asking questions that create interest, promote possibilities and invoke conversation is a powerful way to build rapport and demonstrate that you not only understand their business but can offer them potential solutions. Great questions force others, including yourself, to think differently about a situation. they also have the power to change the mood and energy in a room instantly so use them wisely. When used properly, questions can lead a discussion exactly where you want it to go or highlight a need or benefit an employer may not have considered. Before you start networking or attending interviews prepare a wide range of brilliant questions that will display your functional, technical and strategic awareness of the business and opportunity. to get the most
interaction use questions that start with “In your opinion…”, “How do you feel…”, “Where do you see…” Questions like these solicit opinions, insights and treat the listener as an expert. Avoid questions that are trivial, self-serving or closed as these questions can quickly “dead end” the conversation leaving little room for digging deeper. Finally, remember that a good conversation, even in interviews is a two-way affair. use questions to engage, probe and demonstrate to the listener that you really care.

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