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Hire Me Feelings

Are You Generating The Right "Hire Me" Feelings?

    Never underestimate the power of creating good feelings when it comes to getting hired! “People buy with emotion and justify with logic.” employers are no different. When they decide to hire it’s usually because during the interview process the executive conveyed the right feeling that makes the hiring manager comfortable with their decision. Most employers today are either looking for an executive who makes them feel “safe” (i.e. fits in, proven in the job, traditional approach or offers low risk) or they are attracted by a marquee player who offers a feeling of significance (i.e. well known, celebrity status, industry expert, superstar, unproven yet provides high return potential). Some may even look for a mix of both. As you go through the interview process your job is to assess what predominant feeling the employer is seeking and then align your attributes to that feeling. If you listen closely to the questions the answers will become clear. Pay close attention because the better you can match the feeling, the greater chance you have to land the opportunity. When preparing for the interview, make sure you fully understand the culture of the organization as identifying the “fit” can be everything. Go in knowing their mission, vision and values; then work to demonstrate how you can align yourself to them and their corporate culture.

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