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     This has to be one of the toughest soul-searching questions there is because ultimately the answer tells you how you feel about your own skills, career history and opportunities. It is the question every executive struggles with. Just remember there is a fine line between self-promotion and conceit; your duty is to find it and stay on the correct side of it! take a good hard look in the mirror to find your strengths and start building the confidence to promote them to others. When many executives are asked this question they often say no. While that may be true for some, more often many have just lost the confidence to comprehend their value. the bitter truth is that if you don’t know why you would hire you, then no one else will. A career search is like becoming a sales rep for a short period of time. know yourself “the product” well. know your compelling points of difference. know why your ‘customer’ will want it. then become very comfortable talking about it. Ask those who know you best where they think you excel and why. understand your shortcomings by completing a comprehensive skills gap analysis and develop a plan to fill in the blanks. Be prepared to let go of the old you, as this is your chance to evolve into someone different and more spectacular. Commit to keep evolving, growing and changing until you can answer the “Hire You” question with a resounding and undeniable “YeS”!

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