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Who Is Your Inspiration?

When you face these challenging times it’s important to have a source of personal inspiration to keep you motivated and get you through the tough days. When executives allow themselves to drown in despair they get stuck in a hellish dream and lose much of their job search potential. Finding inspiration is like a flip of a switch and it allows you to see things very differently. Inspiration turns a struggle into a challenge and a setback into an opportunity. Inspiration gives you energy, purpose, direction and it reminds you that you can do almost anything you put your mind to. Writing is a great source of inspiration so commit to doing it daily. even the words you say to yourself and others can have an amazing influence. Look within your circle of influence and draw strength from those who have inspired you the most. It doesn’t matter who you choose as long as you respect them, then draw out the positive, learn from it and emulate the great things they did to succeed. Always remember you can find inspiration in a spouse, partner, family member, celebrity, hero or another executive who has been in transition and handled it with the same dignity and class you wish to demonstrate. take time to ask others what has worked for them, how they overcame their challenges and pick out the advice that makes the most sense to you. the most important lesson you can learn is how a small change in attitude can strengthen your resolve during this time.

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101 Thoughts of Inspiration - (In real-time development)

Some are inspired by others while many are spoken from my heart!

  1. Never give up on the dreams you can't go a day without thinking about!
  2. No matter how often you fail... you are not a failure until you quit trying!
  3. Focus on the future and forget about the past... Failure is never an option if you believe in who you are!
  4. You are never too old to dream a new dream!
  5. Past failures guide not dictate your future!
  6. On Facebook we find it its easy to say we "like" things but in life we often forget to do so!
  7. The best revenge is to succeed!
  8. Positive thoughts create positive feelings which inspires positive action!
  9. A better tomorrow comes from dreaming of the future not dwelling on the past!
  10. If you have the courage to begin, you have all it takes to succeed!
  11. My best clients are the ones I can call friends!
  12. You can't take back the past but you can brighten your future!
  13. To get what you want you must know what you want!
  14. The truth is never plain or simple!
  15. Truth is so rare we are often moved by it!
  16. Temptation can be an evil bitch to ignore!
  17. It's better to be true to yourself then to lie to others!
  18. Have a good time living because you are a long time dead!
  19. He who waits on the edge of life dies of boredom!
  20. The tough decisions in life define you!
  21. Accept who you are or change who you are!
  22. If you have no heroes you have no inspiration!
  23. Be wary of those in your life because they have to be!
  24. Being true to your soul is incredibly hard!
  25. Who said life has to be ordinary? Do something extraordinary today!
  26. Love doesn't take a moment to give... But it does require a desire to do so!!
  27. Love yourself and all the rest will fall into place!
  28. Fate determines who enters your world... you decide who leaves it!
  29. When Plan "A" doesn't work... there is still lots of the alphabet to go!!
  30. The best revenge ever ... live with happiness and create abundance for those who matter most!
  31. Always focus on what you can be.. not what you aren't!
  32. Spectacular living happens when you dream for tomorrow not fear it!
  33. Happiness doesn't mean life is perfect... its mean you can look past the imperfections!
  34. Let love make your ordinary life a fairy tale... - Live spectacular on purpose!
  35. Victim or Victor... its your choice.
  36. A broken heart will never hurt as much as one that has never been loved!
  37. I have learned that most people are honest... we just forget that they are living their truth not ours.
  38. Because you hear.. it does not mean it was said. Challenge your filters they just may be wrong!
  39. The opinion of others only matters when you have no opinion of yourself!
  40. A "dreamer" is someone who sees the world as a place of possibilities and a "realist" is someone who see why things can't be done. Which one are you?

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