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   Have you ever tried to find something when you don’t even know where you last saw it? It’s practically impossible to find it because you have no idea where to start looking. Finding success in your next career is no different. Your success depends on your ability to focus your search and position yourself in the right place at the right time. Most executives don’t take the time to contemplate their future and end up having it decided for them by fate. Allowing outside forces to determine what you become without any direction will often generate lousy if not pathetic results. In order to find your perfect opportunity you have to get specific and clear. Learn to sacrifice the generalities of being everything to everyone and become very focused in your search. take the time to reflect on your career history, look at where you have been the most successful and why. Create a list of the things you love to do, prioritize them and then ask yourself what type of role allows you the opportunity to do more of them? this exercise will engage a part of your brain called the reticular Activating System (rAS), which guides and filters the information you naturally pay attention to. Once your rAS is engaged you’ll find many more “perfect” opportunities coming your way.

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Create a list of “must-haves,” “nice-to-haves,” and “don’t wants” with respect to work (and life, quite frankly!).
What is most important to you? What do you want your next job to provide you with? What things must be present in your work so you can achieve not only your professional goals, but your personal goals as well? Keep this list handy and use it as a way to gage a career’s ability to satisfy your needs.
Note: The longer you make this list, the harder it will be for you to find your next opportunity. Don’t make the mistake many Executives make with respect to career: expecting too much from your job is the fastest way to becoming unhappy.
A good career doesn’t guarantee a happy and fulfilling life. It’s up to you to keep your career in perspective and make sure that you are able to find happiness outside of work.
A career is just one aspect of who you are – it does not define you as a person, so don’t wrap your personal identity up too much in what you do for a living.

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