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Are You Prepared For The Next Time?

In today’s world of high activity and rapid change no one, including you, should ever assume a current job will last forever. As you may now realize the best time to prepare for transition is while you are still gainfully employed. As of today commit to being proactive and setting yourself up for future success. Document all of the lessons you have learned during this time and make sure you continue to apply them in your life. As the world evolves so must you. Invest in continuing education and make timely decisions as to where you need to reposition your skill set and experience. Spend time each week strengthening your professional network as well as finding new ways to enhance and communicate your professional brand. Your network, reputation and skills are the lifeline elements you must never ever ignore. never forget the path you’ve taken and remember to thank all who helped you along your journey. Prepare to welcome those who now need you because you know better than most what being in transition feels like and how much you could have used a friend. From this day forward document every success you achieve and be prepared to market it in the future. If you don’t have many, take a good hard look as to why not and commit to creating your brilliance. Finally, never forget you are In 2 Win! Life sure gets better when you learn to live spectacularly.

"Every job is temporary so be prepared for what lies ahead."

Pay attention to the signs of a pending termination

  • Cost-cutting measures are being implemented throughout the organization.
  • Your workload is lighter than usual or projects are being reassigned to others within your department.
  • Your work is cyclical in nature, and you have significant periods of slow time.
  • Your position or department isn’t viewed as a revenue generator.
  • You are no longer included in meetings in which you have typically participated.
  • Your manager is showing increased interest in the status of your projects and the procedures planned for completing them.

Observe all of these signs carefully, however, and don't jump to wrong conclusions; these can also be signs that your company is well-managed and poised to survive an economic downturn.

Practice constant awareness of your environment. Listen and learn to read between the lines. Consider what your managers are not saying. Heed the rumor mill; employees in sales or accounting may have information you need to prepare for your future. Don’t let an employment termination, for whatever reason, catch you unprepared.


Build your network
The old adage is still true in many cases: when you are trying to get hired it’s not always what you know, but who you know. Consistently network with other professionals in your industry to become more visible in your field. The majority of new hires, particularly at higher levels, come from referrals rather than a standard employment ad. You want to be the first person a hiring manager thinks of when a new position opens in your area of expertise. Make sure you get out to lunch/dinner and socialize with those who can help your career.

Invest in continuing education
It is more important than ever to stay current in your field, even if you are unemployed. Even in relatively static industries, there are always new, complementary skills you can learn to help you get hired faster. In addition to maintaining the practical and technical expertise you need to do your job well, think about new skills that can add value to your position.

Stay dedicated and committed
The past several years have not been ideal for changing careers, but even if you find yourself in a position you no longer enjoy, it’s important to continually demonstrate your commitment to your job. This dedication will be noticed, especially if you are actively building your professional network.

Become a leader
Cultivating leadership skills is imperative for career growth. You may not be CEO material, but making efforts to actively develop your leadership skills will provide you with more opportunities, perhaps even within your existing company.

Grow your personal brand
Self branding is not just for the self-employed; it can also help you get hired faster. A prospective employer will review your resume, but the next step these days is typically an Internet search. If you have built a solid professional reputation through social media, blogs or a website, you’ll bring more value to the company that hires you. Hiring managers have a large pool from which to choose; make yourself appear to be the biggest fish.

Keep your eyes open
Always pay attention to how life is evolving around you.  Where is the market going and consider new directions your career may take.  Its better to be proactive then reactive in managing your future.

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