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Are You Keeping Your Options Open?

As you start your search always keep an open mind to the opportunities that are presented to you. While at first glance some opportunities may not sound that appealing, having options is definitely the key to success. this is your future and you want to have choices. When you consider your options look at both the positive and negative aspects of the decision. While an opportunity may not pay what you believe you’re worth, it may be far better than not being paid at all. Aside from receiving much needed cash in your pocket being employed will open doors and make you more desirable to employers. When you are looking at opportunities there are two ways you can filter them. the first is by “exclusion”, where as soon as you find something wrong you remove the opportunity from your list and it’s never considered again. the second is by “inclusion”, where every opportunity remains on the list but those that best match your needs and desires move to the top. What’s the key difference? When you filter by exclusion you can quickly eliminate many options thus limiting your choices. One client was amazed to discover he actually had four good options when he started to use the inclusion method. Also, keep in mind that many companies offer many more options once you get inside the door.

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