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How Can You Present Yourself As The Expert?

The ability to take a high level of industry, technical or leadership expertise and achieve dramatic results is an important characteristic to demonstrate. It is this knowledge that will win you the opportunity. While in transition, focus on deepening your expertise and broadening your current skill set. By all means make sure you include any “in transition” education you are taking on your resume as employers will be impressed with your commitment to grow. However, knowing your stuff is only half the battle, having the ability to present yourself as the expert is the other. experts have opinions, insight and a deep understanding of how things will be in the future. Presenting yourself as an expert takes real confidence in your skills, abilities and beliefs. Always pay attention to the words you choose and how you say them. You can create emphasis by varying your tonality up and down or spacing key words apart. All you need to do is ensure the words you want to emphasize stand out from the rest. keep an eye on the business sector’s “Best Seller” list and read the most appropriate book(s) for you. When you are finished take the time to comment on them, blog about them and share lessons learned with others. Finally, develop a vocabulary that includes a number of new action-oriented power words that are different than what other executives may use.

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