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Presenting Strengths



Are You Presenting All Your Strengths?

The key to presenting your strengths is knowing what they are and finding ways to demonstrate them! One great way is through case studies and testimonials that speak directly to them. While your core strengths are often the bread and butter of your employment success you never want to present them without demonstrating a wider range of other abilities. If you do those same strengths can quickly become your weakness. Strengths tell the employer what you can be but they can also communicate what you can’t. In today’s fast-paced world it’s risky to present yourself solely as a one dimensional executive. For example, a leader needs to be just as comfortable being a great follower while a motivator needs to be recognized as a powerful listener. So while you present your strengths make sure you underline a range of other skills that will provide the organization with the depth and flexibility needed to survive in this ever-changing world. While in transition work hard to continually develop your core strengths, but work even harder on being brilliant in the areas where you are not as strong. the multi-dimensional executive is the dynamic force companies are looking for and dearly need today. each day practice perfecting the skills of a successful executive (e.g. writing, speaking, analyzing, predicting, creating, envisioning, motivating and organizing).

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