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Are You Using Recruiters Effectively?

Whether you love or hate them, recruiters play an important role in the career search process. In order to have the best possible relationship with them you need to understand that they work for the employer, not you. this means if they don’t have a job that fits your skill set, experience or personality, then they will not contact you. Make sure you know the most relevant recruiters in your profession and get them on your radar screen early. After you connect with them it’s your responsibility to keep them in the loop during your search. never expect a recruiter to pull your resume every time there is a similar opportunity because they are busy and have many good candidates to sift through. In some cases, another recruiter performs the initial candidate matching process. When meeting recruiters, always be prepared, be memorable, show respect, send ‘thank you’ or ‘touching base’ cards and offer help even when you are employed. the easier you make their job the more helpful they may be to you in the future. When an opportunity is not for you think of others in your network who may be a better fit. not only are you helping a recruiter you just may find someone else a great new job! Finally, in an employers’ market recruiters have little inclination to work with executives who want to make a career switch. there are already many “perfect” candidates… and ultimately they are the people recruiters are getting paid to find.

Retained Search Definition:

A retained search firm is a type of recruiting agency that has an exclusive relationship with the employer. Search firms are typically hired for senior-level searches and for a specific period of time to find a candidate to fill a job.  Typically higher end placements (C Suite) use Retained Search.

Contingent Search Definition:

A contingent search firms are remunerated only upon the successful completion of the search—typically when the candidate accepts the position.  With contingent searches there is often multiple recruiters working on the opportunity. Mid-level searches use either Retained or Contingent.

It is a great idea to know what type of relationship the recruiter has with the client before you submit your resume for consideration.

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