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Does Your Resume Stand Up To The Competition?

Imagine that for every opportunity there is a minimum of one hundred candidates vying for that position. now ask if your resume will be near the top. When reviewing your resume the hiring manager typically makes a decision on the first page. After that they are reading the rest to justify the opinion they have already formed. take a hard look and make sure your highlights and capabilities are all listed on top. Much like a celebrity magazine, your goal is to entice the employer early into wanting to learn more about you. Go through every line and assure yourself if it has earned the right to be there. Are you speaking of results? Have you provided good context? Is the information clear and captivating? Will the employer care? employers often look for alarming date patterns. If there are short stays or gaps, then explain them. never use date trickery (e.g. just providing the year employed) to try to fool an employer. Doing this will penalize you and get your resume eliminated quickly. think about it; if you can’t be upfront at this stage what are you saying about the type of employee you will be? Other experts will tell you to present your achievements in StAr format (Situation-task-Action-result); I suggest you reverse it and give them rAtS (result-Action-task-Situation). the reason is simple… no one cares what you did until they know what results were achieved. today, executive resumes include graphs and testimonials to draw the reader in and offer proof of capability.

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