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Stop Trying


Should You Stop Trying So Hard?

Have you ever heard of someone finding the perfect job right after they accepted another offer? You’ve probably seen athletes struggle when they get in a rut and try to force themselves to be better again. It’s a simple law of nature but you can never force something that you want or you run the risk of pushing it further away. As funny as it sounds it’s often better to step back from the situation and let the natural laws of the universe take over. Peak performance comes from natural responses, not forced ones. As job search pressures mount, allow yourself to step back and rise above the situation so you can get a better view. Learn to visualize your success and let your unconscious mind start leading the way. this may mean having the patience to slow down your actions or in times of difficulty taking a survival job in order to allow the right opportunity to naturally come your way. this law also applies when you try too hard to get an employer to hire you or push too hard to make them like you. to be successful shift your focus to another opportunity and have the confidence to let events come to their own natural conclusion. this doesn’t mean you should stop working, it just means stop trying to do those things that are unnatural to you. When you do this you will be surprised how often the tables turn in your favor when you let nature have its way!

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