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Are You Good At Taking Advice From Others?

It’s a simple rule. those who land first often listen best. By this I mean filter what you hear and act on what makes the best sense for you. taking advice from others can be a double-edged sword because some advice will be right for you, and some not. even more challenging—sometimes you may not be the best judge of what advice is right for you. If you are unsure, find a sounding board of trusted mentors and friends who have proven they have a desire to help you. If certain advice isn’t sitting right it may make sense to “sleep on it” and give yourself time to massage your thinking and remove any emotions that may be clouding your perception. Solicit advice but at the same time don’t ask too many people or you will surely get confused. Look for consistency in the feedback you receive. If you hear the same message over and over there is a good chance there is truth in what’s being said. Seek out people who think differently than you. Learn to respect their differences as they can often lead you to a new perspective, challenge your ideas and help ensure you have thought everything through. train yourself to be brilliant at identifying those who are in your life to offer genuine assistance and those who are there just because they like to be heard. Finally, because people get tired of helping the ungrateful, always show your appreciation. Say “thanks” whether or not you plan on using their advice. Having an attitude of gratitude will also help to lift your spirits


People don't take the advice until they try it there own way, fail several times and then they say what the heck maybe I should try this and see if it works... Sadly if often does!

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