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Trapped In Security

Are You Trapped In Your Own Feelings Of Insecurity?

         Being in career transition sucks! there, it’s been said… now move on. Just know that the voices inside your head are louder and uglier than those on the outside. everyone who involuntarily experiences career transition feels a huge loss of identity and self-worth, anger and shame. remind yourself these are natural feelings because you have just faced one of the most humbling moments of your life. It is important to keep your emotions in check by telling yourself that you are not alone. the best way to flush your insecurities away is to get back up with your head held high and move forward. If you don’t you may find yourself withdrawing and watching your social network implode at the very time you need to get yourself out. Pay close attention to the quality of questions you ask yourself as your subconscious mind will feel obligated to answer each one. Instead of asking negative questions like, “Why did this happen?” and “What if no one wants me?” focus on more positive ones such as, “How can I land an even better opportunity?” and “What would really WOW my next employer?” remember that your sense of security is a product of what you pay attention to, so keep focused on your accomplishments and surround yourself with the positive influence of good people and good reading material.

Learning to ignore things is the greatest step towards

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