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True Market Value


Do You Know Your True Market Value?

         What you earned in your previous position has no bearing on what you will make in your next one, especially in an employers’ market! In fact what you earned in the past only really matters to you! take time to research your industry and salary trends so you have an understanding of the range you might expect. no one does a better job representing your value than you, so be prepared to earn your next pay increase. remember that compensation today is more than dollars; figure out what else is important (e.g. equity, subsidies, education, vacation, corporate perks, life-work balance). Go in prepared to discuss openly all aspects of compensation as you never know when this subject will come up. When asked the compensation question, always give them an answer. Avoidance will only lead to concern and doubt. Provide a fair range and let them know that like all humans you desire to be higher on the scale than lower. never be afraid to stand up and ask for fair compensation but always be prepared to justify your request. Be wary of how hard you push because you have yet to earn that right. Most times it is easier to negotiate things like vacation and tele-commuting when you are in the job and have proven your worth. While many companies have policies in place to manage these things most “good” managers have ways to work around them when needed.

Here is a great site to help you determine your market worth.  Read Now

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