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Are You Holding Yourself Accountable?

            While accountability may be considered an important attribute when you are working, just know it is the ultimate survival skill when you are not. For the first time no one else is holding you responsible. Making yourself accountable means you measure results not activity, because an activity doesn’t matter unless it leads you to the results you need. Many executives still need structure in order to perform. One best practice is to make a contract with yourself and/or your partner that spells out your commitment to getting things done. Create a detailed performance scorecard and honestly measure yourself against it every week. Just like you would in business, every one to two weeks hold a performance review that measures your progress and assesses what is working and what is not. Be prepared to take immediate corrective action. You may want to do this with another executive; just make sure he or she shares the same passion and energy that you do. to avoid “time leaks” use a stop watch to measure every activity you do. A good habit to get into is to plan your day in fifteen minute increments as this will force you to be more precise in allocating and tracking your time. Another great idea is to use the timer on your cell phone to remind you when to bring coffee meetings and idle chitchat sessions to an end.


Because life is short. When you discover how much time you're actually wasting in unproductive meetings, watching television, or checking Facebook, you'll refocus on the activities that you really value. The result is a happier, more productive you.

Check out this great time management tool Bubble Timer.  This is a super simple time planner that will keep you on track in 15 minute intervals!   


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