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Curt Skene
Curt is a two-time world award winner passionate about helping people with their career and their life.  No, he's not that guy waiting around for you but he is the guy that constantly keeps in his mind all of the people he knows and how they might help each other.  Curt can be described as a coach, an idea guy or a "stretch the boundaries" guy but most of all he wants to be known as the guy who helped you in your career and your life.

Career Resume: 10+ Years in Sales, 10+ Years in IT CSR Management, 5+ Years in Senior Management, 10+ Years in Speaking, Coaching and Sales Training
Companies: Microsoft, Effectivation, ExecuTrain, BrainBuzz, IST-Healthcare 

Paul Bagsarsa
Paul started his early years in the corporate world as a Technical Trainer for Linksys by Cisco site in the Philippines and he was one of the youngest employees to be promoted as a Technical Trainer at the age of 19. After leaving the company, he then focused on Web and Multimedia work and later on done few audio production projects for a local film production company. He has been working with Curt for almost 5 years now doing all the web and multimedia work. He is now the VP and Chief Technical Officer of Career Network Club.

Career Resume: 5+ Years in Technical Training, 5+ Years in Web Development, 5+ Years in Audio and Video Production, 5+ Years in Multimedia Design.
Companies: MarketU2Win, Surfari Multimedia, WebNetG, Linksys by Cisco 

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