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About Career Network Club

What Is The CNC?

At its core, the Career Network Club (CNC) is a digital platform upon which Canadian professionals just like you interact with one another both wherever and whenever they like. Built using a dynamic database system, the CNC regularly connects professionals from all industries with the users they may want to work with in the near future.

Made specifically for hardworking Canadians looking to partner with others, learn from the best and motivate one another, in today’s digital day and age, there’s simply no better way to take your career to the next level here in The Great White North. That said, with LinkedIn currently laying claim to over 11 million Canadian members, what more could the CNC possibly offer?

What Curt Skene Bring to the Table

To be honest, the greatest difference is really pretty simple—at the head of CNC stands Curt Skene. Basically, when you become a part of Curt’s network, you’re immediately connected with thousands of individuals who—in one way or another—are able to help you further your career. It’s for this reason that Curt first decided to develop the CNC, honestly.

Ya see, Curt’s done a great deal throughout the course of his professional life. From helping Microsoft Education grow its annual revenue from $800,000 to $4 million in only eight short years to winning four worldwide sales and service awards while the President of ExecuTrain, Curt’s both seen and done just about everything in the working world. But that’s not even the best part …

The Real Magic Behind the CNC Association

Listen, the CNC isn’t all about Curt, but he’s without a doubt someone you’ll want to know. In fact, he’s made it his mission to personally connect active members of the CNC with industry influencers as often as possible. In short, when you succeed, so too does Curt.

So, do you feel like you’re in a professional rut of sorts? Have you grown tired of your regular work routine? It it hard to fall asleep at night, knowing that the next day you’ll be back at the office doing the same you’ve done for years?

If any of this sounds remotely familiar, give the CNC a shot! In the end, when you’re experiencing an increase in both professional and personal happiness, you’ll be glad you did. Until then, reach out and say hello! We’d love to connect!


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